Skyline Valet

Vancouver, Canada

Website for Skyline Valet

Project Overview:

Skyline Valet is a Vancouver-based valet parking services provider that needed a website redesign to better showcase their services and help them reach their target audience. Vandesign, a professional web design, development, and SEO contractor, was chosen to carry out the project.

Our team at Vandesign worked closely with Skyline Valet to understand their needs and develop a website that met their specific requirements. The objective was to create a modern, sleek, and user-friendly website that would appeal to their target audience and reflect the high-end valet services that Skyline Valet provides.

Website Design:

We started by developing a custom design that showcased Skyline Valet's brand, utilizing their signature blue color and elegant logo. The design was created to be responsive, ensuring that it would work seamlessly on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

The website was designed with a modern and clean layout, featuring high-quality images of the valet services in action. The website was also designed to be easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.

Website Development:

Once the design was finalized, we moved on to website development. Our team developed the website using WordPress, a popular and reliable content management system that allowed us to create a custom website that was easy to manage and update.

We integrated features such as an online booking system, enabling users to book valet services directly from the website. We also added a news section to the website, allowing Skyline Valet to share the latest news and events related to their business.


To ensure that the new website would rank well on search engines, we incorporated search engine optimization (SEO) techniques throughout the website. This included optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and content to target specific keywords related to Skyline Valet's services.

Project Completion:

The new Skyline Valet website was completed on time and within budget, showcasing their valet services in a way that reflected the luxury and elegance of their brand. The website has received positive feedback from both Skyline Valet and their customers, and has helped to increase their online visibility and reach.


At Vandesign, we take pride in delivering high-quality web design, development, and SEO services that meet our clients' specific needs. We believe that our partnership with Skyline Valet has been a great success, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to help grow their business.

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